99% of Warned Illegal Real Estate Firms Switch to Legal Foot

Wednesday, February 15 2006 @ 10:31 pm UTC

Contributed by: jron

99 percent of the real estate firms that are accused of illegal practices are now operating within in the long arms of the law, that is after the follow up to investigate the said firms.

Federal Consumer Affairs Minister Freya Van den Bossche said inquiries had revealed most real estate firms did not respect consumer rights, Investigations were carried out after that.

"The sector clearly shows it is prepared to respect the rights of consumers", those made the Socialist SP.A minister to be satisfied with those results of the follow-up investigations.

Van den Bossche said, "When we published the poor results, the branch associations were angry. But the individual real estate agents took the conclusions seriously," The minister stressed out that she "says when it's wrong and when it's good",
Responding to the criticism leveled at her last year after revealing the findings of her initial inquiries.

Firms were given an official warning, after 448 of 542 of inquiries last year showed that inspected real estate agency offices were operating illegally.

she said, "Therefore, the warning system works," Van den Bossche said government authorities have since re-visited 80 percent of those offices and 99 percent have amended their contracts to meet legal requirements.

A new round of inspections will soon be carried, but fines will not be imposed, because she said that she wants to help the sectors.

She said "The only thing I want to achieve is protection of the consumer," Just three real estate agents were fined and told again to amend their contracts. Failure to comply this time will result in legal action.

By: Dijon Wainwright