Pembroke Real Estate Now on The Nation's Capital

Monday, February 06 2006 @ 04:16 pm UTC

Contributed by: jron

Just recently Pembroke Real Estate, purhcased a 183,000 square feet office in the nation's capital, Washington D.C., Penbroke is the real estate arm of Fidelity Investments. The terms and the price of the deal were desclosed.

The first acquisition of Pembroke will be located at 1801 Pennsylvania Ave., The place is just 2 blocks west away from the White House and just across the street from the headquarters of World Bank, which I must add a great place to have your new office ot be located at.

Worldwide Pembroke manages more than 2.5 million in square feet of commercial and residential space, they have properties at Boston, San Francisco , London and even Tokyo, Pembroke really is having their way to the industry.

Nationally Pembroke is just starting to acquire recognition with its property purchases but outside U.S. things are a bit different, they have just purchased 3 properties in London back in 2005, and Stephen Bell, Pembroke president announced that he'll be relocating his office to London.